Our History and Goals

The International Partnership for the Study of Occlusion (IPSO) was founded in February of 2000 by six dedicated practicing dentists with over 100 years of combined experience teaching occlusal principles to dentists in America, Australia, Canada and Great Britain.  IPSO provides hands-on seminars covering occlusion management of natural teeth, anterior and posterior restorative dentistry, and complete mouth rehabilitation.

All seminars are conducted in the dentists’ own community utilizing one-on-one supervision with patients from each doctor’s practice, making this the most practical, efficient and cost effective occlusion learning experience available in dentistry.

Our Mission

IPSO recognizes the importance of a comprehensive understanding of occlusion and occlusal principles to virtually all aspects of clinical dentistry.  We also recognize that the undergraduate dental curriculum can not adequately provide this level of knowledge given the time limitations of dental schools today.

It is our goal, therefore, to fill this void at the post-graduate level by providing a learning experience which IMMERSES the participant in the subject matter in such a way as to assure the implementation of occlusal principles into his or her practice.  We believe in a structured curriculum in a participatory environment.  We offer a sequential, three-year curriculum featuring HANDS-ON seminars in the dentist’s own community which provide a comprehensive understanding of occlusal principles for the committed participant.

There are many sources of training in the principles of occlusion.  IPSO is unique in that we provide this training in small hands-on seminars in your community.  We use local clinical facilities so that you are able to bring your own patients from your own practice and experience true life cases, improving the health of patients with whom you will have an ongoing relationship.  The curriculum is designed to be logical and sequential.

Principles will include:

  • The scope of occlusal disease and how to identify it
  • The diagnosis of occlusal disease
  • The role of appliances and their benefits
  • The dentist’s role in the treatment of head, neck and shoulder pain
  • Equilibration of natural teeth
  • The diagnosis and management of TMJ dysfunction
  • Occlusion in restorative dentistry
  • Occlusal instrumentation
  • Treatment planning and sequencing
  • Major restorative dentistry and the role of occlusion

If you wish to elevate the level of dental services you provide your patients in the most efficient, cost-effective environment, IPSO is for you.  IPSO is the only organization if its kind in the world, a traveling school of occlusion.  Our teaching staff is made up of practicing dentists like yourself.  We provide a directory of our graduates for both referral purposes and for you to obtain an objective reference.  

If the philosophy, goals and methods of IPSO appeal to you, we would like to hear from you.  We may be reached by telephone or email.  Thank you for your interest.