Doctor Testimonials

“The principles of occlusion that IPSO teaches are fundamental to dentistry and apply essentially to all aspects of daily treatment.  Their approach is logical, breaks down some of the more complex dynamics in sorting thru occlusal disease and really does bring out the “thinking dentist” in you.  It’s a quality, hands-on program I’d highly recommend.”
Dr. Phil Bird (Colorado Springs, CO)

Thank you so much for everything this weekend. Every time I’m blown away at how much I’ve learned so far. Definitely makes me excited to learn more. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your time and effort to help us all learn.
Dr. Rachel LePera (Denver, CO)

I have had the pleasure of working with a handful of dentists that have gone through the IPSO training, and the results I’ve seen from their work is nothing short of amazing!  They have such a knowledge and ability to work with occlusion that really benefits the patient.  As a physical therapist I’ve seen musculoskeletal issues improve which makes my job possible once the occlusion is addressed, and in some cases I’ve seen the musculoskeletal issues completely resolve.  I would say one of the best things that has happened for my patients is that I’ve been lucky enough to find IPSO.  I’ve seen the difference IPSO can make in the ability for a dentist to treat a patient, and I consider myself very fortunate to have found them.  
Jeremy Wehking PT, OCS, FAAOMPT, PRC (Broomfield, CO)

Thanks again for a great educational weekend. All of you instructors are just great at creating an environment that is totally conducive to learning. 
Dr. Cynthia Parkinson (Denver, CO)

Thanks again for a great course, learned a lot this weekend!!
 I’m not sure if you remember, but I had spoken to you several months 
ago about a patient I’ve been having trouble with re: a closed lock. 
Short Hx: She had a significant click on the left side, I placed a 
crown #18, the click got worse and then went away, she was in a lot of 
 pain, and now has limited opening. The pain has diminished 
significantly but she still has limited opening. I believe she is in a 
 closed lock. I’ve been trying to get her into tx for some time, but 
 she hasn’t been very receptive. I saw her yesterday and she has 
 finally agreed to see you for eval and tx. I’ve already explained 
 that she will likely need arthrocentesis and a full time ARA following 
 the procedure. I wanted to prepare her for that likelihood.

Unfortunately, if I hadn’t crowned #18 I don’t think she would have 
 progressed to the lock, or had I known how to treat her when it first 
 happened she may not have progressed. But I wasn’t able to and now we 
 are here, HUGE lesson learned for me. How did I not learn ANY of this 
 in school- I’m really thankful for IPSO!

Dr. Kelly Last (Evergreen, CO)