Occlusion in Everyday Dentistry

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21 CE Hours

Course Dates: TBD

Three Day Course, Lecture and workshop

(Required prerequisite course for all subsequent IPSO courses)
Dentist (includes one guest) $1,995.
Lab Technician $925
IPSO Alumni $450
Additional Team Member $450
Student $450

What you will Learn:

  • Why an ideal appearing occlusion can precipitate severe occlusal symptoms
  • The difference between a pathogenic occlusion and malocclusion, and how to recognize each
  • What an ideal occlusion looks like and why
  • The manifestations of occlusal disease, and how to spot them
  • Why centric relation is so important, and common sense methods for recording it
  • When is appliance therapy appropriate, and why does it work
  • Why occlusal instrumentation is useful, and how it helps dentists produce their best dentistry
  • The most practical, effective, and economical method available to acquire useable occlusal treatment skills
  • How to become a THINKING DENTIST    ….and make dentistry fun again!!!

Topics to be covered:

An Occlusion Overview | The few critically important concepts which make superior dentistry available in your office
Occlusal Disease | What it is and can we solve it?
The Joint Position for Restorative Dentistry | Where it is, how to find it, and will it stay there?
Centric Relation or Habit Bite | When is each appropriate?
Ideal Occlusion | What is it, and what isn’t it?
Neuromuscular Response | What is it and why is it so important?
Routine Cases | How can we use occlusal principles to make them easier, better, and more predictable?
“Big Cases” | How can we simplify them, even when we change vertical dimension?
Implant Cases | What is the ideal occlusal scheme, and how do we achieve it?

Cancellation received 30 days prior to course receives full refund.   Cancellations after 06/28/2017, full refund less $250